Terms of use

update date: 01/23/2023

Below are terms of use for content creators to use in their videos on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

* You may:

Crop to your or your client's design;

Play to the public and earn money.

Monetize on streaming platforms and social networks (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram TikTok...).

* You can not.

Sell the audio or rights to another person or institution as your own;

Distribute with all rights reserved;

Extract audio using third party tools (the only legal way to download it is via our links).

*All we ask is that you credit us with a link to our profile.

If the above rules are not followed, you may receive a Claim of Copyright Infringement.

* If you have any questions about the rights of your project, please contact us in the contacts tab, we will respond as soon as possible, we also receive messages on twitter, instagram, facebook.